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Tentacle board is an intermediary platform between European publishers and Russian board game production. We:

Know the market from the inside

More than 10 years in the gaming industry. Fans of board games and know all the intricacies of production: from the cards density to the optimal cube size
Exclusive access to factory

Collaborate with Russia’s largest digital printing house and board games factory.

We’ve thought everything through

Fixed logistics from Russia to a warehouse in Tallinn make all our products arrive on time

We help to improve the business production processes of the publishing house

Optimize costs

Select the optimal solution for the game construction and materials
Comply with deadlines
Produce a game of any complexity in 3 months and deliver it within 2 weeks
Consistent with standards
Follow European requirements and legislation. Use certified materials
Provide a prototype (example)
Send sample by express delivery before print runs
Guarantee transparency
Connect the analytics system: track shipments and control each product using a barcode
Help with localization
Provide translation and adapt the rules for the Russian market. Make up layouts and prepare them for printing
Speeding up calculation
Establish a system of quick settlement schemes We will calculate the average game for 2-3 days
We apply digital printing
Tunneling card carving technology avoids discoloration from the center of the printed sheet to its edge

Correct air exchange system controls the level of humidity in the air. This allows you to reduce waste and get smooth cards-tiles-boxes
We use tunnel carving
We maintain microclimate
Digital printing technology allows to optimize the production cost, in particular for small print runs

We care about product quality at each stage
Checking intermediate result
We make a random sample from different parts of the batch, checking 10 pieces. If one turns to be of poor quality, we check at least a hundred more

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Let's discuss your project 
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Start printing
We sign a contract, you send a layout. After we do pre-press works, agree on a preview of printed files and send it to production

Send a test version

Check the intermediate result:

cards, playing field, boxes. We keep you informed of the current status and time shifts

Send an example
When the printing is ready, we check the quality, film the unpacking of the product for you
and can send you the first samples by express delivery for final agreement
Deliver the game

We ship your game from the factory and

take it to warehouse in Tallinn

You receive cargo
Do customs clearance, take it to your place and check it. You have 30 days for checking
We produce all types of games
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Max Holden
CFO of a Russian publishing house with experience in sales for the European and American Amazon
Eva Stark
Commercial director of a factory with a turnover in XXX and experience working with large customers (Sony, Transcend)
Julia Bush
Editor-in-chief of a desktop publishing house and head of a board game development studio (Top 5 games sales in Russia)
Max Holden
Chief technologist
Julia Bush
Shop manager
Certificates and Licenses
Our partners
How long does it take to calculate?
A game with standard components is calculated in 3-4 days. We see as standard components cards, tiles, field, box + simple wooden and plastic chips.
Non-standard games are usually counted for 7-10 days. Such games have dice with printing or engraving, meeples with printing, plastic chips of new shape.
What about production time?
A simple game - 30-40 days. Includes box, cards, rules, tray.
An average game - 45-60 days (the game includes tiles and a field)
A complex game - 75-90 days. (the game needs to produce non-standard wooden or plastic components with a design and shape for the game)
How long does it generally take from sending the files to getting the game in my warehouse?
The average game should take 80-90 days from the moment you sign the contract and send files.
7-10 days for prepress and layout approval
45-55 days for production
7-15 days for delivery to Tallinn
5-10 days for delivery from Tallinn to your warehouse.
How does the approval process go before the print run?
We'll print the game layouts and send you a preview. You may take a look, and if you're happy with the result, we start the print run.
If the files are not enough to stay sure, we can make a prototype and send it by express delivery. Usually a prototype is ordered in the case of a critical print run, such as transferring a mass-produced hit game to a new production.
Will you inform me about the progress of the production?
Yes, we give intermediate production statuses and send photos of finished components.
If the production time is reduced or increased, we inform you in advance.
How does shipping work? Why you chose Tallinn as DAP?
To make it easier for our customers, we take care of export clearance from Russia and deliver the game to Europe - to the customs warehouse in Tallinn
You need to clear the game yourself and arrange delivery to your warehouse. Also, you need to pay the warehouse unloading the games, storage and delivery.
How is the print paid for?
Usually the print is paid 70/30. 70% is paid after signing the contract, the remaining 30% upon delivery to the bonded warehouse in Tallinn.
The bigger the print run, the better payment terms we can offer.
Also, we give special conditions for the first order up to 100% post-payment.
How should I send game files?
High quality PDF files

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