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We make board games cheaper than Europe and faster than China at Russian factory
We optimize costs, control quality, take on logistics and customs issues from Russia to Europe
Tentacle board is an intermediary platform between European publishers and Russian board game production. We:
Fixed logistics from Russia to a warehouse in Tallinn make all our products arrive on time
We’ve thought everything through
Collaborate with Russia’s largest digital printing house and board games factory.
Exclusive access to factory
More than 10 years in the gaming industry. Fans of board games and know all the intricacies of production: from the cards density to the optimal cube size
Know the market from the inside
Answer 6 questions to see the price for your game
We help to improve the business production processes of the publishing house
Produce a game of any complexity in 3 months and deliver it within 2 weeks
Comply with deadlines
Follow European requirements and legislation. Use certified materials
Consistent with standards
Send sample by express delivery before print runs
Provide a prototype (example)
Connect the analytics system: track shipments and control each product using a barcode
Guarantee transparency
Provide translation and adapt the rules for the Russian market. Make up layouts and prepare them for printing
Help with localization
Establish a system of quick settlement schemes We will calculate the average game for 2-3 days
Speeding up calculation
Select the optimal solution for the game construction and materials
Optimize costs
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